Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Caregiver Connect Login, a community created to give a voice to Caregiver Connect and healthcare professionals. Caregiver Connect: Support and Relaxation is a group program that offers Cancer Caregiver Connect with a community to meet. Caregiver Connect’s professional staff and experience can help you find solutions and make informed decisions about your care or the care of a loved one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Caregiver Connect and a recruitment agency?

Unlike a recruitment agency that works with multiple clients, including your competitors, to get candidates, Caregiver Connect works only on your behalf. We don’t just connect with qualified candidates on LinkedIn. We also make your seats available in your inbox, on your social media and in the ads of your favorite shows. We connect with them where they are already to heal for a more natural and superior experience.

Will Caregiver Connect work with my ATS solution?

ATS stands for Application Tracking System. Currently, Caregiver Connect only integrates seamlessly with AcquireTM. However, we can work with your existing ATS provider to configure settings and create custom integrations so you can continue using your ATS solution. If your ATS solution is from a vendor other than AcquireTM and you need custom integrations, please contact our sales team.

Who can you help me recruit?

From RNs and RPNs to CNAs and HHAs, we can help you find and connect with healthcare professionals. Looking for doctors or other unique positions? We are constantly adapting our lists to the candidates who need you most. Talk to our sales team about your specific needs and we’ll customize our solutions to help you get on board.

If you have any difficulties, please contact customer service or let us help you resolve the steps. If you’re having trouble logging into Aurora Caregiver Connect, make sure you’ve signed up for Duo. Check your Duo registration email for instructions. For further assistance, contact the Aurora Call Center at 414-647-3520 / 800-889-9677.