Caregiver Connect is a community of parents, guardians, families, and industry professionals who support each other to succeed as caregivers. Our networking events and educational programs are designed to support families and professionals who work with and care for children or adults with medical, intellectual, physical, emotional, or behavioral problems.


Welcome to Caregiver Connect Login, a community created to give a voice to Caregiver Connect and healthcare professionals. Caregiver Connect: Support and Relaxation is a group program that offers Cancer Caregiver Connect with a community to meet. Caregiver Connect’s professional staff and experience can help you find solutions and make informed decisions about your care or the care of a loved one.

Our goal is to provide a community where families can learn, connect, connect and find answers. Using our proprietary recruiting solution, we will present your job description to qualified nurses in your markets where they are already employed with their devices. You’ll get exposure for a fraction of the normal recruiting cost.

Regardless of diagnosis, caregivers face similar challenges, including balancing work and family; navigating the health system; managing stress, sadness, anxiety; Finding the right answers at the right time, and finding others who understand.

On My Caregiver Connect, families can discover new resources and tools to help them be more successful and happier at work, at home, and in the community.


Caregiver Connect is different in that it presents its openings to qualified candidates before they actively pursue a new career. So, instead of facing hundreds of competitors, your potential candidate is just looking at you. And we got to where his talent already is, so he’s still the center of attention.

If you have any difficulties, please contact customer service or let us help you resolve the steps. If you’re having trouble logging into Aurora Caregiver Connect, make sure you’ve signed up for Duo. Check your Duo registration email for instructions. For further assistance, contact the Aurora Call Center at 414-647-3520 / 800-889-9677.